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5035 Pacific Coast Hwy., Torrance, CA 90505

Located in Plaza Mayor

Don't wait any longer, bring in your recyclables today and get paid on the spot!

** We don't do e-waste, paper, or metal.

Better Global Recycling Center location

Better Global Recycling has been serving the residents of South Bay since 2011

Better Global Recycling was opened in 2011 as a recycling center to serve the South Bay's fast growing area.

The recycling center located behind Ralphs in Plaza Mayor Shopping Center.

BGR is dedicated to providing top service to our customers.


I am so delighted that I decided to utilize this recycling service. Everything was quick and efficient. Other recycling centers get too packed around the time that I am usually available to go drop off my recyclables, but not this location. Better Global Recycling is convenient. The process from start to finish was seamless. The customer service was also pretty good.

Rachel W.

This is the only place I take my recyclables. Super convenient location. Very easy to recycle with their iPad check-out.

Miquela F.

I had a nice conversation with the man who works here. He was kind and patient with my kids. The place was easy to find, parking was plentiful, and the wait time was short. Looking forward to going back!

Mark R.

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We close 12 to 12:30 for lunch.

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